Estate Planning Doesn't
Need to be Complicated


"Over thirty years of experience has taught
us that most people just need several
documents in a 'package' format to
accomplish their estate planning objectives."

2-Minute Video Explains Why

Here's What You Will Learn

* Why you need an Estate Plan

* How we use our Experience & Technology

* What 'core' documents are needed

* Benefits to having a personal Estate Plan

1-Minute Video Explains What You Get

These Are the Documents You Get

* Revocable Living Trust

* Durable Powers of Attorney

* Last Will & Testament

* Advanced Medical Directive

3-Minute Video Explains Process

Here's What Is Illustrated

* The 100% online process, including:

* How client data is entered

* How "cloud" account is set up

* How documents are retrieved & reviewed

* How documents are E-Signed

* How assets are assigned into the Trust

Here's What To Do Next

* Contact the person who provided this link

* Get all your questions answered

* Get a price estimate

* Set up 60 minute appointment to get started