Easy Estate Planning

Do you currently have a Revocable Living Trust and the other important estate planning documents, such as Durable Powers of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directives, and Last Will & Testament?

If you do, congratulations. Only about 35% of American households have any estate planning

Critical Considerations

If you do not have a completed estate plan, why not?

* Perhaps you never thought about it, or believe it's too

* Maybe you don't think you or your family need one -
statistically, over 57 million U. S. households do not
have an estate plan

* Maybe the cost to have one is too high - Attorney fees
range from $1,200 to $5,000 for estate planning

If the costs were nominal to have a complete set of estate planning documents, would you take

Trust Plan Benefits

          * Avoid Probate

          * Save Time

          * Save Money

          * Privacy

          * Avoid Conservatorship

          * End-of-Life Planning


What if your complete estate plan could be done easily, thoroughly and accurately from your own home . . . in about an hour! 









The documents that make up your estate plan have been developed over thirty years. We've served 17,000+ couples and individuals in all 50 States in collaboration with hundreds of attorneys. Today, these documents, combined with state-of-the-art technology, are now available to you - 100% online - at a major discount!


Simple Solution

My LifeCard Plan, MLCP, has
developed a simple and quick
Internet-based estate planning solution.

With the MLCP platform, you can develop a 
made-to-order and special estate plan that
covers the personal aspects of your
financial affairs and end-of-life requests.

Complete Estate Plan

In most cases, you can produce a comprehensive Single or Marital Trust package within one hour, including Durable Powers of Attorney, a complete Healthcare Directives package and other critical and supporting documents and
materials. And, we will help. Our office will assist you to complete the process.


Estate Plan Components

          * Revocable Living Trust

          * Durable Powers of Attorney

          * Advanced Medical Directives

          * Last Will & Testament

          * Client Console ("Cloud Account")

             + E-Sign Dynamics

             + Electronic Funding Kit

             + 24/7 On Line Document Access

             + Emergency Physician Access to Health Care Docs

             + Trustee Access to Trust Documents

             + Personal PostScript & Medical Alert Page

             + Unlimited FREE Document Changes

             + E-Vault Document Repository


Keeping It All Safe

We realize that people sometimes need immediate access to their critical documents and having them in a secure place is of the utmost importance. With this in mind, every person who purchases a MLCP document set  is provided a  secure Internet-based "cloud" account  -  we call the Client Console.

Here, you have 24/7 access to all your documents from anywhere in the world. You can even choose to securely share selected documents with your Financial Advisor, healthcare professional, lawyer, tax professional, etc.

And, when necessary, you can make changes in your plan to meet your current situation. When you keep an active MLCP membership, any changes you make are at no charge!

Finally, you may upload other important financial and personal documents to your E-Vault providing one secure location that your administrator can go to efficiently process your estate.

Immediate Results

No more waiting weeks for your completed estate plan. When you choose the  MLCP Dynamic Trust Portfolio, you can complete your documents quickly and easily at home using your computer.

Your Trust and other documents will be ready within minutes after you submit the SFQ - Short Form Questionnaire - and create your personal Client Console - "cloud" account. Within minutes you can review and E-Sign all documents.

Peace of Mind

Completing the MLCP Dynamic Trust Portfolio will give you peace of mind, knowing you are in control of the important decisions at life's end. Decisions that, without adequate planning, will be left to chance or disinterested third parties (probate court) and that can result in extra expenses and unfortunate hardship on your loved ones.

The peace of mind you can experience after completing your Estate Plan is priceless.

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Fees for a complete estate planning package, as stated above, start at $595*.
*Does not include optional legal representation fee.

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